Cough-Variant Asthma 咳喘息 (seki zensoku)

Published on June 15, 2012

Cough-Variant Asthma/Chronic cough 咳喘息 (seki zenzoku)

(Often seen in children, but adults also affected)
If you are coughing ALOT (often for 6-8 weeks), with nothing coming up when you cough, you may have cough-variant athma. It is tough to diagnose, but your doctor will be able to give you the tests to find out if you have it or not (see videos below).

Sufferers may also experience nocturnal groaning (Catathrenia).
(カタスレニア: 夜間のうめき声)
As your loved one falls asleep, you may notice an involuntary groaning sound, which will often keep you from sleeping. Don’t worry, it is nothing to be too concerned about (it is not life threatening)…read more here:

There is no cure for cough-variant asthma, but if you can avoid the triggers, you will be much better off (as with regular asthma sufferers, who can try to avoid the known triggers that cause their asthma to flare up).

It is said that if you can keep a diary, or be aware of when/how your coughing is set off, you may be able to remain asymptomatic.

For a detailed look at the condition, see here:

Symptoms in a child:

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