Is it too late to go to medical school?

Published on March 20, 2012
– The only ‘limitations’ in life are the ones OTHERS set for you…never give up your dreams!
….and do not allow others to project their insecurities onto you! –


If you really want to go to medical school, nothing will stand in your way,
but just for fun, I would like to share four things I have heard that seemed
to make sense to me:

Older premed: If I go to medical school, it will take me ten years before I am finished. I will be 50!
Philosopher: How old will you be in ten years if you don’t go to medical school?
Older premed: I don’t want to take too long to prepare for medical school, because it will just extend the time it will take until I can be a doctor and start my residency.
Philosopher: If you knew that you were going to be a doctor ten years from now (have finished med school, and have started a residency), what difference would it make if you were to spend two days or two years to prepare for med school?

Older premed: I am strongly influenced by others who say it is too late…
Philosopher: In one hundred years, almost every living being on this earth will be
dead. How important will their opinion be to you then?

Older premed: Yeah, I hear what you are saying, but this person never stops telling me that I can’t do it.
Philosopher: Never argue with someone who is wrong.

For the naysayers:
The box below contains all of the thoughts and
concerns I have regarding your comments about me not likely to be able to go to medical school, or to become a medical doctor.(Please refer to this, and the photo below whenever you may be pondering what I would say in response to your comments)

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