Published on March 20, 2011
日本バイリンガル子育て協会 (JARBC Japanese Association for Raising Bilingual Children)は、


この『日本バイリンガル子育て協会』の一番目指すこと、 すなわちコンセプトは、 バイリンガル・キッズたちの脳や心の発達をいろいろな観点から分析し、 幼年期のよりよいバイリンガル環境づくりをサポートすることです。 そして、バイリンガル教育や発達心理学に興味を持つ方々や子育て中の親御さんたちが、その考えや情報を交換したり、共有できる専門的なフォーラムを作ることも大切な取り組みとしています。

Simon R. Downes, Ph.D.  (サイモン ダウンズ)

Simon BEAR English School 校長




子どもにおうちでバランスのとれたバイリンガル環境を与えてあげることができたら、子どもたちは英語への興味や意欲を高め、英語を習得するだけでなく、心の成長や異文化へのセンスまでも伸びやかに育んでいくでしょう。 子どもたちの輝く未来のために、今、親のあなたがしてあげられる、すばらしいこと。英語の世界へ子どもたちを導き、一緒に英語を楽しむこと。それは子どもにとって一生の財産となるのです。


Simon Downes, Ph.D. 
(サイモン ダウンズ)


The Japapanese Association for Raising Bilingual Children (JARBC)was developed in 2008 with the goal of providing parents with information on current trends within bilingual education and developmental psychology. One further intention is to create a forum for parents of similar interests to share opinions. The main focus of this assocation is to encourage and support early bilingualism (children who are bilingual, biliterate and bicultural). Other areas of interest encompass child development in general, and more specifically, the emotional and psychosocial development of bilingual children.

Simon Downes, Ph.D.
Simon BEAR School president, 2003-
Research area: Academic achievement and sense of cultural identity within bilingual education

Welcome to the JARBC! It is my great pleasure to open this new association to help parents in Japan realize their goal of promoting positive English language educational goals for their children, while providing a well balanced home environment. Through my research at the University of Tsukuka, and my experience in teaching English to children in Japan since 1992, I realize there are many issues facing parents as they support English education for their children. As English becomes more and more a necessity in this new close-nit world community, many parents are taking it upon themselves to introduce English to their children, long before they take their first classes in elementary school. As this introduction to English comes at a time when children are just begining to grasp Japanese, many linguistic, emotional and developmental issues arise. It is my hope that many of these concerns will be addressed through presentations and group discussion.

■ お問い合わせ

■ 研究講座シリーズ
Important issues for parents and children within bilingual education and development

① バイリンガルになる様々背景について(精神面・環境面より)
Circumstances surrounding bilingualism

② 家庭で実践する方法
Methods for introducing English at home

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