Are humans unique?

Published on August 17, 2010

One of the most unique characteristics of humans is our history of making and using tools. From the most basic tools used for carving and shaping, to modern day computers, humans have always found ways to make life ‘easier’ by developing tools. Whether this has really made things easier or not, however, is up for debate. We also build fires and wear clothes.

Humans have learned a great deal bout their past through writings and drawings. While animals also possess the ability to leave signs which provide information, humans have vastly complex cultural and learning systems due largely to writings. Human civilizations have also depended on the development of language for success. It is said that if humans are exposed to language by a certain age, we have the innate ability to communicate with another using words and gestures common to a certain culture.

In learning about biology I have become aware not only how much we know about the living things around us, but also what potential things are still unknown. For example, the exact ways in which we actually communicate with each other. It seems that we have only scratched the surface in this respect. Therefore, I am careful when explaining the differences between animals and ourselves.

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