Published on August 27, 2009

You love Daddy, don’t you!

You’re so stubborn!

I’m making the milk.

Your sister will be back soon.; Soon it will be time for your sister to come back.

Let’s go to meet her/pick her up.

What was that sound?

I heard something…

If you do that, the battery will run out.

Don’t bite.; Don’t bite me!

It hurts when you bite me!

Play with your toys on the mats/tatami.

I’m making it/dinner…so wait, OK…? Finished!

Did the bath feel good?

Aren’t you cold?

Your shirt is (on) inside out.

I wonder if Yuki is back yet?

Yuki is back/home!; Yuki has come back/home!

I look forward to a nice lesson today, too.

Don’t walk around with the toothbrush in your mouth. If you trip, it will smash into your throat/it will get stuck in your throat/it will go into your throat.

Where are you going with your backpack on?

Where are you going to take that?

I will untangle it.; Mummy will untangle it.

I’ll save you!!

Sorry, I made you catch a cold.

I’m tired of you/this.; I’ve had it!

(Go ahead) do what you want!; Do whatever you please/feel like doing!

See?..You spilled it!

What do you say?…
Answer me, please..

Put out/give me your arm.

Put out/give me your hand.


He doesn’t know (it’s wrong) because he is still little/a baby.

子供の英会話のレッスンが終わって子供の様子を知りたい時に使える一言があれば教えてください How are you doing in English?

Can you speak English?

I’m studying with my child. I’m trying to speak as much English at home as I can.

足で子供を持ち上げて、飛行機遊びをする時、持ち上げる時に、”blast off!”で良いですか?他に言い方あれば、教えて下さい。
Blast off is for a rocket, but parents sometimes say this when playing this airplane game too. You could say “take off” if you want to be correct, but it doesn’t sound so cool.

Higher, higher!!


The sound is low because the battery is running out,

The toys are up high so small children can’t reach them..

Training (toilet) seat

No more trains are coming, so let’s go home.

Do you want to walk to the library? Or, go by bike?

This book is borrowed. If we return it once, we can borrow it/take it out again.

This is a clam. Don’t eat the shell, just the inside part..

Can you move over a little? If you stand there, I can’t get any water out.

If you don’t turn the handle (of the bike), you’re going to crash into the fence!

Take the laundry out of the dryer.

Arrange/organize the books on the book shelf.

The same as me/mummy!; Your clothes are the same as mine/mummy’s!

Thank you for helping/doing that for me/helping your younger sister.

Just pretend to eat it.

You’re such a show off!

If you drink too much (alcohol), you’ll get drunk!

I’ll puree your apple for you. Do you want to drink the juice?

Grandma has so many wrinkles!

「木が腐るからちゃんと拭いてあがってね」(ぬれたままでお風呂からでろうとした息子に対して) Dry off well or the wood will go rotten.

The banana has gone off.; The banana is rotten.

Lock it. ..or a burglar will come.

I’ll put your dentures (false teeth) in for you. You don’t have any teeth do you, grandma.

Where are the sweets you gave me?

What do you think it is?

Shall I pour/put some soy sauce on it for you?

Are you already finished?; Are you finished already?

Wow!! Feels so good! (to see your face)

Tomo is so happy to see you!

The dog is wagging his tail.

Don’t blame your brother!

First the sky will light up (lightning), then you will hear thunder!

The cherry blossoms fall down when it rains (because of the rain).

Do you want to take a photo with Winnie the Pooh?

Let’s take a photo together!

A three-story house.; A house with three floors.

What class are you in?

Class 4. 4th class.

What year and class are you in?

2nd year, class 5.; 2nd year, 5th class.

Who is your teacher

Mrs. Nakamura.

Is it all there?; Is it correct?; Is the amount correct?

Do you need change?

Yes, I’d like change, pleas

No, it is correct.; No, the exact amount is enclosed.

I’m sorry, but can you give me change?..I did not have the exact amount.

Don’t just eat the fish. Eat the vegetables too…they taste good if you eat them together.

May I have some more (please)?

Look! It’s Cookie Monster…you love Cookie Monster, don’t you!!

Can you tell the difference between the two pictures?; Can you notice any differences?

How many children do you have?

I’m not good at English. I can only speak a little.

You speak Japanese so well!

What language do you speak in Malaysia?

What nationality is your husband?

I used to be a nurse, but now I am a housewife/homemaker.

What language does your child speak?

You always run off somewhere when I’m not looking.

Wow! You’re so strong!

That will become a (bad) habit.; That’s a bad habit! (もっと自然)

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