The Adventures of Sea Pea: Meeting Jack

Published on June 8, 2009

Jack: Hello. Are you a guinea pig? It’s nice to meet you. My name’s Jack.
Wow! That grass looks delicious! Do you like eating grass? Wow!! It looks so good!
You’re so big! You’re such a big guinea pig! It’s nice to meet you…Mr. Guinea Pig.
Don’t eat me! Oh, you’re just licking me… Thank you. Oh! You can’t eat me! Are you eating me?! Don’t eat me! No…you’re a nice guinea pig, aren’t you!?? You just want to lick me. Well I guess I’ll be going now. See you! Oh, no!!! I thought you said you weren’t going to (gonna) eat me, Mr. Guniea Pig!? You’re not eating me are you? You’re eating my shoe! Don’t eat my shoe! What are you doing? Are you licking me, or are you eating me? Help me Simon! Help me! Help me!

Simon: Ok…I’ll help you. Ok, I saved you.

Jack: Oh, thank you for saving me, Simon. I was afraid!

Simon: It’s ok. You don’t have to be afraid of Sea Pea he’s very nice. Shall I put you back in? Jack: No! Don’t put me back in!

Simon: Ok. Well, say goodbye to Sea Pea. Goodbye, Sea Pea.

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